Friday, October 2, 2009

Karen O Gets Mainstream Glory

Someone in Brooklyn is getting paid.  Karen O's soundtrack to the new winter event Where The Wild Things Are is now available for sale in Starbucks around the country.  Who said people don't buy records anymore?  Coffee and CDs forever.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good-Bye Lucy

Lucy Vodden, 46, died on Monday after a fight against Lupus.  When she was 6 she caught the eye of Julian Lennon, who then painted a picture of her and showed it to his father, John, and said, "It's Lucy in the sky with diamonds."

I helped send Lucy to heaven by playing Beatle's Rock Band.  Drunken Rock Band Wednesday (DRBW) is now a reality.  Join in.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

U2 Sucks!!!!

As I write this I'm watching U2 bomb on SNL.  Their song sucks and Bono seems to have lost his voice and is resorting to making monday movements and spinning around.  Sad.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Death of Music Shopping

Once upon a time a person used to be able to do a truly magical thing:  shop for music.  It was glorious.  You could go into a store, browse around, bob your head to cool tunes, debate with a friend about the virtues of The Who vs. The Kinks, and/or pick up a stoned hipster.

But then the world got cheap.  We didn't want to pay for all that fun anymore.  $19 is too much to spend for the new Dead Weather CD when we know we can just download it.

So now where should we shop?

Here's my plan to bring back music shopping:  A store that sells all CDs for $5.  I'll call it Tommy's.  I'll keep a digital database of every album ever recorded and burn discs for people for $5.  I might even print out labels and cover art.  The record company's and artists will get $3, I'll keep $2, and you'll get cheap tunes.  Win, win, win.  I rock!

btw Richard Branson, I've copyrighted the idea.  suck it or love it.

- Tommy Blunt

Falafels or bagels?

You're hung over.  It's 12ish in the afternoon on a Saturday in NYC.  What do you eat to fill the empty winebag in your stomach?

I chose both.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Jack White is cooler than Kanye (duh!)

God Jack White proved that he has a humorous side to his many talents when he mocked Jackass West at the Toronto Film Festival.

We've all heard a bunch of cry-baby Kanye jokes lately, but Jack trumps them all by having the guts to act one out.  Filmmaker Emmett Malloy (who you know as half of The Malloys - directors of 'Icky Thump') was in the middle of gushing about his new Stripes documentary, 'Under the Great White Northern Lights', when Jacks stormed out of no where and said "I'm gonna let you finish, I'm gonna let you finish, but Orson Welles did one of the greatest films of all time!"

The crowd instantly cheered.  Watch it here:

Friday, September 18, 2009

Karen O vs. Gaga: Battle of the Crotches

In an effort to prove she's got a cunt, Lady Gaga has been flaunting her crotch on stage.  Think that's cool? Well, like most of what Gaga comes up with, Karen O has already been there and done.

Try eating shit on stage Gaga.

If you have no better reason (and yes, there are many many more)  watch the YYYs new video for "Heads Will Roll" and see where Lady G takes her style.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Return of Har Mar

Once upon a time, back in the hysteria of the neo-post-punk-nu-garage rock revolution, Har Mar Superstar built a viable career based off of a shout-out from a Stroke.  I saw him live, and despite my 7 Heinekens I wasn't drunk enough to enjoy it.

But since he's trying to conquer the pop world, and not the sacred rock world in which we all live, I fully support his campaign for stardom.  His new album 'Dark Touches' will be released in a few weeks, and clearly Justin Timberfuck will have a run for his money.

- tb

Fabulous Life Of: Probation Chic

Chris Brown was enjoying posing for the paps today while doing his recess community service.  He was a bit confused about what clothing line item he wanted to hawk, so he just went with all of them.  Shorts on shorts is so in this year.


Kid Cudi Day

I've been following Kid Cudi for a bit, but somehow I missed the release of his new video for the hit "Day N Night".  It rocks.  If you're a stoner (like me) then you'll especially relate.  I want all my beers to turn into milkshakes.

Check it out here (it couldn't be embedded)

And if you still haven't heard Make Her Say (I Poke Her Face) , check that out too.

The album is out this week too, so you might as well just download the whole thing now.  It has guest appearances from Kanye (aka Jackass), MGMT, Common, and Ratatat.